Ask any flower farmer and they’ll tell you zinnias are amazing flowers. They crank out blooms with long stems in a tremendous variety of colors and petal textures. We don’t know what we would do without our zinnias.

Cut and Come Again

The more you cut from a zinnia plant the more flowers it will produce!  And under ideal conditions with good soil, plenty of water and lots of sunshine, a healthy zinnia plant can produce new flowers in a matter of days. In fact, we’ve seen new blooms in a day that didn’t seem possible. When you cut one flower from the plant, two more will replace it. It’s miraculous.


Few things attract more butterflies than zinnias during their peak in mid to late July. We understand why butterflies flock to zinnias, we’re fascinated with them too! 

What’s more, zinnias have a fantastic vase life, sometimes up to 10 days or more with frequent water changes and plant food added.

If you want beautiful flowers by the bucketful, zinnias are your thing.