We saw a rainbow over our flower field this week. It was a reminder that rain and sunlight are two of the three key ingredients we need to glow our flowers (soil, too). It was also a reminder that we can’t do much to control two of those three ingredients.

Like our flowers, rainbows make people happy. They are natural beauty embodied. They represent good, hope and promise. They lift spirits, awe and inspire with the wonder of nature. Their timing is unpredictable and their existence is fleeting, which is part of what make them precious.

Nature’s Bounty

We can approximate nature’s sustenance by watering our plants and using shop lights to grow seedlings indoors, but the water pumped from a drip line and the UV rays from an LED light don’t grow plants as well as the real things – rain and sunlight. And so, a rainbow represents the best we can provide for our little green charges.

Colors of the Rainbow

We think it’s pretty cool that the seven colors in a rainbow above also exist in the flowers we grow in the fields at Blue Gables Farm.
Red – Zinnias
Orange – Iceland Poppies
Yellow – Sunflowers
Green – Bells of Ireland
Blue – Bachelor Buttons
Indigo – Anemones
Violet – Allium

By the way, blue is the rarest flower color. Only 10 percent of flowers bloom blue.


In recent years, the rainbow has been adopted by the LBGTQIA community as a symbol for equal rights for all people and to stand against hate. In that spirit, Blue Gables Farm is proud to offer handmade fabric vase covers in a “Love is Love” print.