We swear, if there were a good enough video to watch, we could do brain surgery! We learn a LOT about our cut flower trade from YouTube.

Just this week as we started gearing up our holiday-season production, Sessy brushed up on her bow-making skills. She’s become proficient, don’t you think?

YouTube taught us how to

  • Make dried flower and evergreen wreaths
  • Plant and harvest
  • Use landscape cloth and row cover effectively
  • Improve our farmers market presentation (and sales)
  • Fence for deer and other pests

If That, Then This

The best feature of YouTube is its logarithm, which suggests additional content to YouTube’s 2.2 billion users from its 38 million active channels based on what they have already watched. This feature helps us find new channels that expand our knowledge base. We can’t count how many times we stumbled upon new concepts, topics, and methods that we otherwise would not have sought or found except for YouTube’s suggestions.

Pennies on the Dollar

We remember when Google’s parent company, Alphabet, bought YouTube 15 years ago for $1.65B when it was only 2 years old. At the time we thought Alphabet paid WAY too much. Now that YouTube has become what it is – generating 11% of the parent company’s revenue, we see the genius behind the purchase. If anything, YouTube’s founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, probably sold it too cheap, as difficult as that may be to fathom.

YouTube is HUGE

On average, more than 150,0000 new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, adding 330,000 hours of video content every 60 seconds based on an average video length of 4.4 minutes. It would take 18,000 years to watch every YouTube video, and YouTube hasn’t been around for 18 years! This volume of content alone helps make YouTube the world’s second most visited website (Google).