As Thanksgiving approaches and we contemplate all that we’re thankful for, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

We are grateful for the customers we met at farmers markets, those who came to our farm for custom cuts and special events, our CSA subscribers, and customers who trusted us to provide flowers for their special occasions like weddings, showers, bat mitzvas and birthday parties. So many of you showed such tremendous support for what we do. People posted photos of our flowers and gave us plants, cuttings and seeds. One woman even gave us a canvass print of our flowers while another painted a watercolor of a bridal bouquet we made for her wedding. And dozens of people donated hundreds of jars and vases that we used to display and sell our flowers.

We are also grateful for the farmers markets where we were made to feel so welcome by the organizers and other vendors. So many of you offered advice and support – and food!

Our fellow flower growers have welcomed us into the local industry, encouraged us, given advice, and even bought and sold product when needed. Farmers are wonderful, generous folks, for sure.

We are eternally grateful for the beauty and bounty on our farm and specifically how we have been blessed with incredible soil that seems to grow almost anything well. We have the luxury of growing organically because our soil is so rich and fertile.

We are grateful for our families as well. Frank’s father spent countless hours helping us with chores and our son and daughter-in-law even scheduled their wedding on a weekday when we would be free! Our daughter staffed markets, mowed grass, delivered flowers and hauled things for us. Other members gave advice on sewing vase covers and corn babies, growing and marketing our goods.

And, finally, we are grateful for each other. This is a lot easier as a husband-and-wife team. There are long, hot days, early mornings, and late evenings. We celebrate successes and suffer disappointments together. We encourage and comfort each other. We toil and make decisions together. We teach (mostly Sessy) and learn (mostly Frank) from each other. And it wouldn’t be the same – as easy or fulfilling – without a partner at your side.

Happy Thanksgiving!