When we started selling flowers at Blue Gables Farm, we didn’t anticipate how curious our customers would be about where their flowers came from. We figured people would appreciate our flowers and buy them if we charged fair prices, which they did, but for many of them it was important to see where the bouquet that ended up on the kitchen table originated.  With hindsight, that shouldn’t have surprised us.  We share their fascination with watching flowers grow!

Harvesting Flowers

Simply put, people wanted to come to our farmette and walk through our flower fields. They wanted to be there when we harvested flowers. They wanted to watch us, ask questions, watch butterflies, and smell the wonderful aromas.

So we tried to meet that need with what we started calling custom cuts. By appointment, we welcomed individuals and families for visits to Blue Gables for a walk through our flowers and to select the individual stems that they wanted in their bouquets. This became so popular that during our busiest times all of our custom cuts appointments were booked. Of course that’s not a problem for us because we love being in the flower fields. And we love watching the excitement and wonder on customers faces, young and old, as they share our fascination with the wonder and beauty of photosynthesis.  There is just something about flowers, isn’t there?