Years feel to us like laps in a journey where December represents the home-stretch sprint to the start/finish line.  When the ground goes dormant, and the daily demands of farming lighten, we have an opportunity to slow down and assess the most recent lap. To reflect on our successes, critique our challenges and rethink our strategies and tactics.

Hope Springs Eternal

Each New Year’s Day represents a fresh start/clean slate of sorts.  It’s a time to dream and plan that generates renewed optimism for getting things right in the next lap.  It’s a time to build on the momentum of the last lap and fix problems and issues.  And it’s a time to rest.  In the cut flower business, the end of December through the end of January is a pit stop of sorts.  By February 1, we’ll be back at it, but for now we can pause and regroup. 

In 2022, we plan to grow by just about every measure.  We have expanded our flower plot by 40 percent, will add market days, host more events at our farm, welcome more visitors and introduce new flower varieties and products.  This growth will require financial and time investments as well as the continued support from our very loyal customers.  We are grateful for you!

Lessons Learned

We didn’t start drying flowers early enough in 2021.  This was mostly because we weren’t acquainted with wreathmaking until September. For months we pitched surplus flowers on the compost pile.  No more!  We are fortunate to have a barn well-suited to drying blooms and we plan to make better use of it in ’22.

There were a few flowers that we won’t be growing again for various reasons, and there were others that we admired and plan to grow in the future.

We were reminded of how truly nice most flower growers are!  We have never been part of an industry where potential competitors are so helpful and supportive of one another.  Our fellow growers have inspired us through example to be like them.  We are honored to be their peers and remain committed to contributing to the collective energy in our industry.

Farming is really hard work! There were a few days when we pushed ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of.  When you eat food or admire flowers in a vase, remember the dedicated workers who provided food and beauty for your table.

Future Furrows

This is in our blood.  We had a heart-to-heart talk about two weeks ago whether we were all in for more of this and we both agreed we were.  Cut flower farming is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  We shudder to think about the hourly wages.  But it’s some of the most gratifying work we’ve done, and we can’t imagine quitting now!

So, to all of you – fellow growers, farmers market administrators, customers, mentors, friend and family – everyone – THANK YOU.  We feel your love and support and are very grateful.  We’ll see you in a few months.  Until then, stay safe and warm.